The Environment


Kinney Environment supports local and national organizations that are dedicated to sustainability and promote the environment in their practice. We host and co-host various events throughout the year, such as service plunges, fundraisers, and issue-based discussions.

126 People | 13 Impacts | 30 Hours




Hi all! Join us for Part 1 of a two part series (Part 2 in August). Join Sierra Club Chickasaw Group on Thursday, July 22 for a 90 minute program (panel/workshop) featuring 3 organizations that are leading change and changing the future-Memphis Community Against the Pipeline (MCAPS), Climate Reality Project Mid South-Memphis Chapter and Stand for Children. We will celebrate, glean best practices, challenges in community organizing, effective and compelling emails, phone/live testimonials, etc. We'll spend the second half of the time in small groups practicing these skills. These skills will equip the Sierra Club and community for upcoming environmental legislation. Save the date for Part 2 (August 19 @ 6PM) where we will continue to build on these scripts and hear from local decision makers and influencers. Register here-
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