Self-Designed Fellowships



A Fellowship is defined as an activity outside the conventional classroom that complements and broadens the student's program of liberal arts education. Fellowships support co-curricular experiences in which students take intellectual ownership in a faculty-mentored project or experience. Students or faculty may apply for fellowships for one or more academic semesters or for the summer. 

Self-Designed Fellowships

Fellowships may be designed by students or by faculty/staff who wish to mentor student fellows. The fellowship experience should complement and broaden the student's program of liberal arts education. This may be accomplished through a variety of experiences, including application of knowledge to a novel problem and/or investigation of a research question, community engagement, making connections between/among different disciplines or programs of study, specific career preparation and/or professional development, training for graduate or professional school, engagement across differences (through contact with people with different ideas, backgrounds, and experiences), and/or leadership development. The deadline for self-designed fellowship applications is February 1.

Contact Dr. Brian Larkins, Director of Fellowships and Undergraduate Research, for more information.

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