Turley Memphis Center


The Lynne and Henry Turley Memphis Center

The Lynne & Henry Turley Memphis Center empowers people to create social change in Memphis. The Center provides opportunities that empower Rhodes faculty, staff, and students to address issues of public concern in Memphis and the Mid-South. The Center creates social change by raising public awareness about social issues, encouraging deliberate and reflective dialogue, and community-based research, teaching, and scholarship.

Public Programs

Our Memphis Centered Lecture Series is a public lecture series geared toward promoting understanding and scholarship happening in and about Memphis and the region. The Turley Memphis Center collaborates with community partners and other institutions of higher education in the region to promote research, teaching, and scholarship.

Academic Connections

In partnership with department liaisons, the Turley Memphis Center supports faculty curriculum development centered around activities that expand connections between the classroom and hands-on learning in Memphis communities.

Experiential Learning

The Turley Memphis Center offers two student fellowships. 

The Fellowship in the Arts is a paid, project-based fellowship designed to promote creative works of art in partnership with local artists or arts organizations. Students work with faculty mentors to complete projects in studio art, performing art, or digital art. Faculty mentors also receive a stipend. 

The Turley Scholars Fellowship is an immersive, community engagement fellowship designed to collaborate with community-based organizations to promote positive, lasting social change. Students may receive academic credit for participating in activities that expand connections between classroom experience and real-world experience. 

Conferences & Events

The Turley Memphis Center has hosted several conferences and events geared towards empowering people to create social change in Memphis and the Mid-South.

If you are interested in staying up-to-date on The Lynne & Henry Turley Memphis Center events, including our public lectures and conferences, please join our email list by contacting our Program Coordinator, mercadoi@rhodes.edu

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